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For hotels, lodges, R.V. Parks, etc. looking to get satellite television;
We have the solution. It's called a Head End system and consists of
several receivers and modulators installed on premises.
Rack-mounted and out of sight, one line pipes a crystal clear signal to
multiple television outlets. Like all satellite products, a Head End
system extends far beyond the reach of cable. And yet it still provides
your guests with the simplicity and channel selection they've come to

Generally speaking, systems cost for equipment is $3.50 per channel.

Example: 24 channel rack system = $ 8,000
Estimated cost for programming is $ 6.54 per drop including ESPN's.

Much less than cable! Now we have local channels
ABC-NBC-CBS-FOX-WB-PBS. So we can go head to head with cable
- and beat them every time!

Clients Include :
Wharf Inn - San Francisco, California
* Railroad Park - Dunsmuir, California
* Red Bluff R.V. Park - Red Bluff, California
* Lakehead Lodge - Lakehead, California
* KOA - Shingletown, California
* Tasadi Resort - Lakehead, California
* Baymont Inn - Redding, California
* Hotel Durant - Berkley, California
* CR Gibbs/Best Western - Redding, California
* Juniper Tree Motel - Adin, California
* Redding RV Park - Redding, California
* Blackstone RV Park - Fresno, California
* Sugarloaf Cottages - Lakehead, California
* Hi Mont Motel - Fall River Mills, California
* Hat Creek RV - Hat Creek, California
* Riverbend Terrace RV Park, Brookings, Oregon
* Premier RV Park, Redding, California
* Silverthorn Houseboat Rentals, Redding, California
* Promise Homes & Services 1 & 2, Redding & Red Bluff, California
* Cal Fire Barracks, Northern California
* Federal Forest Services, Northern California
* St. Elizabeth Hospital, Red Bluff, California
* Tehama County Health, Red Bluff, California

Call Nor Cal Satellite for
Dish Network and DirecTV  program pricing!
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Bars and Restaurants

Both Dish Network and DirecTV offer Bar and Restaurant programing.
Both have HD Channels and Both have promotions for 1st time
subscribers. B
oth Dish Network and DirecTV now offer HD local

Only Dish Network has Pac10 networks.
Only Directv offers the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Turn your establishment into the ultimate destination for sports with  
exclusive packages designed specifically for your business.

You make the call !     Call Nor Cal Satellite for more Information

Clients Include:
Market Street Steak House - Redding, California
* Bleachers - Redding, California
* Tortilla Flats - Redding, California
* Bass Hole - Lakehead, California
* Players Pizza - Anderson, California
* Capones - Redding, California
* Silverthorn Resort - Shasta Lake, California
* Ale House - Redding, California
* Rusty Nail - Redding, California
* Gold Pan Pizza - Shingletown, California
* C
.R. Gibbs - Redding, California
* Dairy Queen - Redding, California
* Shamless O'Leery's Irish Pub - Redding, California
* Dry Creek Station - Bella Vista, California
* Bricks BBQ - Redding, California
* Upper Crust Pizza, Redding, California
* Art's OutPost, Burney, California
* Alpine Grill, Burney, California
* Bartle Gap Bar/Restaurant, Bartle, California


Change waiting time to enjoying time. Whether your business is an
auto repair shop, sports club or medical office, Dish Network or
DIRECTV is a surefire way to enhance your customers' experience.
Keep them entertained and informed with satellite TV service at your
business and they'll keep coming back for more.

Clients Include:
Rochas Auto Service - Redding, California
*Simpson College - Redding, California
*National University - Redding, California
*Angelo's European Specialty -  Redding, California
*Social Security Administration - Yuba City, California
*US Bank - Redding, California
*Bank of America - Northern California Locations
*Les Schwab Tire - Redding, California
*Western Dental - Redding, California