Also, in past years, we've sponsored Team HBO
in 3-on-3 basketball tournaments.   Dwaine
Melton, coached the team that actually won the
National Championship 4 years running.  In the
year 2000, the boys played at the Basketball Hall
of Fame in Springfield, Massachusets and won
the National Championship in the Top Flight
Division, (18 and older), with the help of HBO
Sports (sponsorship) and Nor-Cal Satellite.  
The boys made Redding proud!

Team: Colin Car, Tuggy Smith, Ryan Miller, L.D. Warmington, Jared Davis. These names and their pictures are in the "Hall of Fame."

Our company has been involved with the
local community for many years. Most
notable is the annual Lions All-Star
Football Game. Nor-Cal Satellite proudly and
happily serves as the coordinating office for this
event. In what amounts to the largest football
game in Northern California, it picks the best
high school players of the North against the
best of the South for one big finale, held on the
last Saturday in July. All players are seniors so
this game marks the last time these guys get to
showcase their talent at the high school level.
Nor-Cal Satellite is proud to be an integral part
of this community event.

For information on this event you can go to
"Simply the Best"
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